Our Dollars for Scholars Chapter has been in existence for nineteen years.  We are a non-profit affiliate under the umbrella of Dollars for Scholars.  Each year  our volunteers raise money for any senior whose primary residence is Hancock, Massachusetts and is planning to further his or her post high school education.  All the money raised each year is awarded to the students who apply with the exception of 5% which goes into our Endowment Fund.  This scholarship is a onetime award.

Our major fundraiser is a mailing to Hancock homes and businesses requesting donations. In addition, in May, we have a Plant and Bake Sale where students applying for the scholarships are asked to help out.

Students apply online and awards are announced at Class Night at the various high schools and checks given out at the start of the second term upon receipt of students' grades or tuition bills.  The money awarded goes directly to the school or college. If a student's plans change and he or she is unable to attend school in the fall of graduation of high school, the award may be deferred for one year upon request.

This award made by Hancock Community Dollars for Scholars indicates to our students that we believe in them and want to encourage their future success.